Detox Along the Cliffs of Moher

Gant MorgnerComment

Days 11 & 12 - (September 1st & 2nd, 2014)

I awoke on the 1st of September in a panic! The 3-day built up hangover didn’t help, but I realized I had been neglecting my “real” job in financial consulting and it was finally catching up to me. My inbox was full with inquiries to why I hadn’t responded to previous requests and I could not push it off any longer.

While the Wi-Fi at my hotel definitely left much to desire, I sucked it up, downed a pitcher of coffee and got to work on the prospectuses and valuations I had let build up. Surprisingly, after 6 hours or so, I was done… Guess when you have a serious case of FOMO you tend to get after it.

Feeling rejuvenated I walked down to the water to see TJ’s sister Jenny running around in the shallows with her beautiful daughter Harper. Harper immediately ran over to me to say hi and proceeded to chase me across the beach at a high rate of speed for a toddler. How could this not brighten your day?:

After, I met TJ and Zach at the golf course for a late lunch. What a beautiful place for 18! The consensus was that we should all take it easy for once that night and we had one last small dinner with the whole family before Zach, Aly and I prepared to leave for the Cliffs of Moher.

The next morning was difficult as we had to say goodbye to these people and this place we called home for the last week. However, the sadness was short-lived as I elated to be the third wheel on a romantic getaway to the Cliffs of Moher with Zach and Aly. While the Ring of Kerry drive had some of the most spectacular views on the trip thus far, this hour drive along the coast was rugged and in many places the road came close to touching the sheer face of the cliffs that dropped over a hundred feet straight in to the ocean.

The Cliffs of Moher were absolutely spectacular and words do not do them justice:

After about 3 hours of noodling around the cliffs, we decided it was time to head back to Ennis, to reclaim my bike and have an early dinner before Zach and Aly had to fly out of Shannon. Considering I wandered this city aimlessly the first time I lost Bertha, I was now an expert on what this old medieval town had to offer and therefore acted as tour guide for the next hour and a half.

Before we left, we made one final stop at the Rowan Tree Hostel to get the business portion of my bike that the bus driver so graciously left for me a week prior. Reunited at last, I was ready to get back on the road and officially start this North Sea Adventure!

With Zach and Aly safely on their flight, I checked into a motel by the airport (which found that morning on my new app) to get ready for my flight to Stansted in the morning and 50-mile ride into London.

However, I had accidentally booked this room as well as my hotel in London for next, not this week. Thankfully, has agents everywhere and they fixed the issue without any problems. I knew it was an oversight on my end and could have been much worse so I decided right then to use for the rest of the trip based on their astounding customer service.

Happy that another minor crisis was adverted, I packed up my bike one final time, weighed all my luggage, and fell asleep like a baby knowing I was ready for the meat of my trip to begin!