Prologue to Adventure

Gant MorgnerComment

Apologies to those expecting an immediate account of all events pertaining to my North Sea Adventure, namely, my wonderful mother Ruth-Op who goads me almost daily for photos and information regarding my trip. Further, while this journey was meant to be heavily cycling centric, the reason I came out the first place was to witness the wonderful nuptuals of TJ Edwards and Kelly (last name yet to be determined) Whelan.

Therefore, this first part of my tour of Northern Europe does not include much cycling as Irish weddings involve copious amounts of drinking and eating and altogether merriment. Additionally, for reasons you are soon to find out, my trusty stead named BERTHA had a rough time in Ireland and barely made it into and out of the country. 

My bike and mind are now both finally sorted and the blog can therefore commence… I dedicate this ride to the two adventurous spirits who have instilled in me the sense that the world whatever you make of it and that fortune favors the bold. I love you both immensely Dr. Jay and Ruth-op!