Mobbing Around Ireland with an Old Friend

Gant MorgnerComment

Day 4 – (August 25th, 2014)

Luckily for me Holly has to get to the airport at the same time as Jason is arriving so we share a cab to Shannon Airport at 5am. I’m somewhat embarrassed as we get in the cab though as I have 4 times the amount of bags as she does, even though I’m still missing one of my most important pieces of cargo.

We arrive slightly behind schedule so she rushes to get on our flight while I pick out a spot to assess my current luggage situation. Considering I do not have a complete bike, there is no way I will be doing any riding until after TJ and Kelly’s wedding. Therefore, I imagine it will be best to ditch everything that is not necessary at the airport so I can travel light with Jason and pick up the rest when I fly from Shannon to London in one week’s time.

The sight of me with all my worldly possessions shrewn all over the airport must be comical to those at the airport at this hour. However, in this scattered form of organization, I am able to repack only what I need, and leave the rest. I finish just as the main man, Jason Diggs, is arriving and we quickly hop on the bus to Limerick to get a few things sorted before the wedding.

Even thought it is Monday morning, it seems nothing opens before 10am in Ireland. Dejected, we grab breakfast and wait for the city to wake up. At 9:30, Tony Connelly’s opens and we get fitted for the tuxes we have rented for the wedding. Next, we head to the nearest bank to change money and find out that there is a bus heading to Dublin in 15 minutes.

With everything sorted in Limerick, Jason and I are ready for our Irish adventures to begin and, while on the bus to Dublin, start figuring out what we are going to do over the next 4 days in the Emerald Isle. We find a ridiculously cheap bed and breakfast in the heart of Dublin, so we decide we shall stay there for 2 nights before we rent a car and mob across the country.

Once in Dublin, we do a little sight seeing on the way to our B&B. However, we are both so exhausted once we check-in, that we both crash for 4 hours before we noodle around the city.

After awaking reinvigorated, we tour the city with a special interest in Temple Bar, the debaucherous part of town. We walk around for at least an hour to get a feeling of the area before we finally settle on a place to have dinner and get Jason his first domestic pint of Guinness. In what has become almost redundant at this point, we are treated to some more impressive live music. Therefore we decide to drink until the music stops and only head to the next place after the soloist played the hits.

Just when we are about to leave the pub, I receive the email I have been waiting for over the last 2 days! The manager of the bus charter has the rest of Bertha and wants me to call him!

Elated, I pump my fist in the air and run outside to call him. In as nice of a way as possible, he asks me what kind of idiot who is riding across Europe leaves ½ his bike in a bus? I say this idiot and am forever indebted to him for finding her. Apparently, one out of every five cards I handed out ended up on the floor of the bus, and all he had to do to track me down was sweep the isle. Apparently many of the merry Irish bunch were less excited to receive the cards than I was to hand them out, hahaha. He said he left the rest of her at my hostel in Ennis and I can pick her up anytime.

Once again, I avoid disaster only by the hands of a kind, wonderful, and giving Irishman (or woman)!

I’m on cloud nine and ready for a celebratory Guinness, “cuz its good for you.” The next place we go was highly recommended for its live music as well but I have been so spoiled already that I am only slightly fascinated by this next act. After a few more pints and a bunch of merriment, Jason and I both decide our tanks are empty and we are ready for a good night’s sleep to prepare us for the wedding shenanigans that are soon to ensue.